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    Question Question about driveshaft bearing seals and water intrusion.

    Ok so what's the deal if water gets in the bearing? A clamp slipped off my bearing tonight and I sunk my ski. I have the ski running fine now, but my concern now is the bearing. I don't want it seizing up on me and having this same issue again. Will it need to be rebuilt? Or can I just pump a good amount of marine grease through it to displace the water and be fine? I would assume this would apply for any seal: skat, rad4, les cooke.

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    pump some more grease in it and it will be fine.

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    That's what I figured. Thank you!

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    Can we get some details on the sunk part of the story? Im in the process of installing a RAD 4 right now.

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    Re: Question about driveshaft bearing seals and water intrusion.

    That sucks man!!! What happened??? What clamps were
    You using??

    Seems like all these things are failing at one point
    Or another.....

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    clamp broke on exhaust and sunk mine.......

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    anyone installing an aftermarket drive shaft seal that ISNT using silicone to adhere the drive seal boot to the bearing housing and then using silicone to adhere the drive seal boot to the hull when doing the install is just aking for trouble and making a BIG MISTAKE..........especially when u loose a clamp and your boat SINKS........... the silicone alone will hold damn near as good as any clamp and real well in combination with a couple good clamps and when applied properly most likely wont come off if u even loose a clamp! BET!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I would bet the % of failures on this seal set up is 20X higher than the ceramic washers failing in S/C's.

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    exactly what just happend to me, clamp slipped off the hull side and sank in matter of secs

    im going to weld some threaded bungs to the rad4 unit and put some chain or straps pulling towards the pump so this wont slide forward again

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    IMO the carrier needs some sort of mechanical retention there is alot of force trying to push the unit off of the hull. Tunnel PSI X seal area = fail

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