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    Is Valvoline oil OK?

    Hello to all, well im still a newbie learnin to ride and work on what seems to be the most maintnance needy machine (2005 rxp)which brings me to my question. Iv used the search and couldnt find any staisfying results.

    The local sea doo dealer in topeka Kansas does not carry any seadoo oil.
    My ski is ready for a oil change any they reccomend i use kawasaki or yamaha non synt. 10/40 motorcycle oil. Can i use regular valvoline 10/40 or should i drive 80 miles to the platinum dealer in Kansas City Missouri?

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    you can use any oil that is JASO certified (for wet clutches)
    Do NOT use regular auto engine oil. Most cycle/atv oils
    will have the JASO on the bottle.

    I use valvoline VV740. It is a cycle/atv oil that has Jaso cert
    on bottle.
    You will ruin your s/c clutches if you use regular oil.

    Do a search here. You will find all sorts of great info!!
    Welcome to the GH community

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    Not sure where in the world you are, but here in Australia I have found Castrol Power 1 GPS to be suitable.

    They say it exceeds API SJ and JASO MA2 standards.

    I am looking into NULON oils which is an Oz Oil with interest at the moment.

    Will keep you posted on this one...

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    i use valvoline 10w40 jaso cert,no issues here.

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    im using the VV740 valvoline 4 stroke motorcycle oil ...certified jaso ma2... been 10 hours since switch no problems here

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankieV123 View Post
    im using the VV740 valvoline 4 stroke motorcycle oil ...certified jaso ma2... been 10 hours since switch no problems here
    +1 Good stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gfa250 View Post
    i use valvoline 10w40 jaso cert,no issues here.
    It has to be jaso MA cert to be OK for the SC clutch ... just jaso cert is not enough.

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    My opinion is the best idea is to use what's recommended in your users manual. Now the RXP's user manual recommends Mineral Oil for my 2007 RXP, but it was recently changed over to the XPS Semi-Synthetic blend, which is 75% mineral oil and 25% synthetic.....
    You can't use full synthetic oil with the SC engines, so Seadoo has this semi-synthetic blend (black bottle) for the supercharged engines and full synthetic (yellow bottle) for all the others.

    I use the black bottle for the SC engine

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    Ive been using Amsoil 10w-40 full syn motorcyle oil for 3 years now, with no issues. I now alot of others have been using the same or the 10w-40 marine version from amsoil

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