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    2004 MSX 150- Help! I had to get towed back to dock!

    Engine died abrubtly on the lake yesterday after 20 minutes of light use (25mph max). Minor smoke was present upon opening seat. She wouldn't start up again and I had to be towed. I did pinch off the inlet hose with pliers prior to tow. Came home charged battery. Battery is @ a full 12volts. When I insert the lanyard and hit start, I hear a "click" sound near the ecu module , but thats it. No engine turn over period! The oil level was right above min. after being warmed up. I hope the engine hasn't seized- but how would I know? Please help guys!! P.S. I had my young daughter riding in front of me, so It was hard for me what indicater may have gone off!

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    I have to ask the obvious is there something jamming the impeller? Sounds like a stick or some foreign body has made it past the intake grate. The MSX,s are to good to stop on their own

    Shine a torch in and check it out it may only be a small piece that has caused the problem.

    Heres hoping

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    pump bearing?

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    If a visual inspection of the jet pump doesn't show anything jammed inside, then it is probably time to remove the jet pump (not that hard to do).

    Either the jet pump is jammed, the engine is jammed, or the starter system is not working.

    To remove the jet pump, disconnect the small hoses at the right side of the nozzle. Disconnect the reverse and steering fittings at the nozzle.

    Now remove the four LONG bots that hold the jet pump together.

    If the bolts seem super tight, don't break the bolts. Spray some anti-corrosion product around the threads on each bolt, and let it soak for a while. Re-apply a few times. Eventually you should be able to get the bolts out.

    With the long bolts out, remove the jet nozzle assembly, then wiggle and pull the jet pump body straight back. It might take some wiggling, but it will come off.

    Once out, inspect the impeller for smooth operation. No grinding sounds, just smooth turning.

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    Thanks Guys! I'll be looking at this tonight. Im just hoping the engine did not seize- worst case scenario ( There was a hint of smoke upon removing the seat). The oil level issue on MSX's seems to be a touchy issue, I hope I had it measured right.

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