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    GP1200 engine runs strong but low speed why?

    I just got my GP1200 tuned pretty good. Its WOT RPM is between 6940-6960 on flat water. This is only after I shimmed the R&D rideplate so it would stop porpoising. Unfortunately its only doing about 50MPH on the factory speedo. I know these aren;t accurate but it also feels like its not getting top speed like it should.

    I will check the actual top speed with GPS in a couple days but in the meantime what can I check that could be slowing me down? The engine runs real strong and pulls pretty hard not much cavitation. The ski porpoised like crazy before I shimmed the plate and its still a little squirly in chop but OK on flat water.

    The ski has:
    R&D rideplate
    R&D intake grate
    K&N flame arrestors

    Everything else appears stock I'm not sure what impeller is on it (I'm assuming stock but maybe not). Any ideas? Oh and it sounds like a beast much deeper than my GPR but the exahust looks stock.

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    Geez no one knows?

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    Get a topspeed with a GPS. My speedo always read low before I removed it. Get a true speed and we will go from there.

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    Will do this weekend just figured there was something I can check in the meantime.

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    make sure you didn't shim it down too far and its not hanging an catching water. did you seal your pump shoe? or modify that in any way?

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