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    Question Kawasaki Oil in a RXP??

    I went to my local Ex. Sea doo dealer to pick up a filter and oil and they did not have any BRP Oil. But they still service seadoos and instead of BRP oil They Use Kawasaki 4-Stroke Motorcycle oil, And thats what they tried to sell me!

    So do i drove 160 round trip to pick up some BRP Oil from another dealer or should i use Crapsaki Oil Like the local shop told me to use,

    BTW Its a 2005 Rxp SC-IC

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    Look into using Amsoil. They deliver and you can buy it on this site or from other members. Search it. It's what I use in my 4-Tec.

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    Just wondering what oil to use for tomorrow since my ski is in dire needs of an oil change and ive already took the oil out so i dont run it any longer with the old oil

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    The Kawi motorcyle oil should be fine actually ... if it is motorcycle oil it should be JASO MA cert and work fine on the SC clutches. Actually any good motorcyle JASO MA oil is fine in our skis, just try to stick with 10w40 or close for weight.

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    I use Castrol 4T motorcycle oil, meets the specs, half the price of BRP oil and readily available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTXX View Post
    I use Castrol 4T motorcycle oil, meets the specs, half the price of BRP oil and readily available.
    +1... Good stuff

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    I use the castrol as well....I've also used Yamalube.....$4 a quart instead of the almost $20 the BRP stealership tries to get.....theives....hell yeah I use motorcycle oil. As long as it's intended for wet clutches. Why pay any more than you have to?

    I remember once upon a time I went into Websters....I asked for a coupla filters....the lil ol lady behind the counter said..."you have to have this oil". I said..." don't....just give me the filters"...."Really sir....your skis have to have this's specially made for 4-tecs." "Just give me the filters." 1 minute later a guy come outa the back...she tells him what I want and that I have to have this oil....He took a look at me and told her....."You're wrong....just give him the filters."

    Buy parts from them if you have to....then keep as far away as you can.

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