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    Please help, 96 GSX bogs @ high RPM, and weird electrical issue

    Hey guys, here's the background issue...

    I bought a 96 GSX a week or so ago, and it ran great when I test drove it. I took it home and put it in the water 2 or 3 days later, and it still ran great but it was kinda rough in the lower RPM but at high RPM it was a screamer. Being the guy I am, I was extremely curious to check this thing out better once I had it home, and I discovered one of the small fuel lines by the carbs was leaking. I pulled it off, and noticed it looked all corroded. After looking on here I saw that it was a common problem with the stock lines, and I replaced all of them with new line and new clamps. I also removed the fuel selector valve and cleaned it well with Berryman's carb cleaner, and I replaced the fuel filter and cleaned the cannister or whatever its called as well. I then changed my jet pump oil (thanks to the how-to video on youtube that directed me to this awesome forum!) and called it a night as it was kinda late when I finished.

    The next day I went outside, and bled the fuel lines to get fuel back in them, hooked up the hose and went to start it. It ran for a second, then died. I hit the starter again and it sounded really weak, and the battery died. I had no idea how old the battery was, and I remembered it said "12V low" the day before on the water, so I ran out and got a new battery. That sucker fired right up, I let it run for a min or two, and turned it off.

    Today I took it to my parents cottage in canada and dropped it in the water. Again, it fired right up without issue, and ran smoothly at idle out of the river where I launch. I got out in the lake, and hit it. Took off like a rocket! Much better than my old SP. Anyways, after a minute or two it started acting wierd. When I hit the trigger it would fly right up to 7K rpm, then smooth out around 6700 or 6800 and cruise. But then it started acting like it was hitting the rev limiter, dropping down almost 1,000 rpm at random then picking up where it left off. Sometimes it would do it when cruising as low as 6300 rpm, it would just drop a few hundred rpm for a few seconds. The water was smooth as glass, so no it was not me letting off the trigger.

    The other wierd thing... When I would get back on it after stopping for a few, I would put the key back on and start it and it would give me that same "12V low" message on the screen, for a few seconds, then it would go away. It did that almost every time. This battery is a brand new sealed battery, supposed to be a really good one.

    What gives?! Please help me fix my Sea Doo! Thanks guys!

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    Also... this thing will NOT run between 4000 and 5000 RPM, its so wierd. The minute you edge into the 4K mark it screams right to 5K. Its very very odd..

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