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    Question about 4Tec motors

    What is the general idea on how many hours a 4 Tec motor (RXP 215) is good for? I know this is a broad question, but all things being equal, I knwo 4 strokes are far better in terms of longevity that two strokes? So, what is a lot of hours on a used ski? 200, 400, 800? And, other than the supercharger rebuild, is there anything that should be considered when purchasing a used Doo? What type of speeds are 215 RXPs good for?

    Thank you in advance.


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    There have been reports of 4-tecs going in excess of 1000 hours. Concencus is that the supercharger will take you out first, followed by the cam chain. If you stay on top of supercharger maintenance and change the timing chain around 500 hours, the sky is the limit.

    RXP's are good for ~68 mph stock, 74 mph with minor mods, 80 mph with extensive mods, and 90 mph in the hands of an expert.

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    Thanks Mike. I am going to look at one tomorrow that has 149 hours with a recent supercharger rebuild. I am not interested in modding the ski because it is mainly for the family to play on at our Beach House. I hope to end up with an RXP and a nice 3 seater like a RXT or FX SHO.

    It has been a LONG time since I did anything runabout related, so I am feeling quite out of the loop.


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    look it over very good. do a compression check and question

    what oil was use in it (Should be mineral oil)
    what washers are/were in the supercharger
    has it had a supercharge problem/failure
    check the hull out real well for beaching and or damage

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    My '06 RXP had an engine failure at 140 hours.

    A bolt backed out of the oil pump assembly and was drawn into the oil pump. The damage cracked the oil pump housing and poured oil into the bilge. While not common, the problem has happened to other 4Tec owners.

    Additionally, there are some valve problems and some flywheel bolt problems you should be aware of - mostly on 04 and 05s I believe.

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    valve problems??? is that mainly for people with mods running 8600+- rpms??? if stock........valve train should be fine right..... how do you check that bolt concerning the oil pump area???

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2005cdoorxp View Post
    valve problems??? is that mainly for people with mods running 8600+- rpms??? if stock........valve train should be fine right..... how do you check that bolt concerning the oil pump area???
    The valve problems seemed to effect the 2004 and 2005 4Tecs. The problem was a slight rust accumulation on the valve stem would cause the engine to drop a valve. Not a super-common condition but it causes a lot of damage and leaves you stranded on the water.

    The flywheel bolts were also a 2004 and 2005 condition. I believe BRP changed the bolts in 2006 and offers upgraded bolts for the 2004 and 2005 engines.

    Concerning the failure I had with the oil pump bolt, there's no way to check other that pulling the engine out and tearing it down. In fairness to BRP, it's not a common condition but it left me stranded 20 miles away from the boat launch and resulted in a $3,500 depreciation hit.

    Here's a link to the thread where I first learned what caused the failure. It also has a a picture of the bolt - click here

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    BRP rep here in quebec claims they officially test the machines for 300 hours but could easily do 900 hours with regular and scheduled maintenance

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    my 03 SC had over 250 hrs on it(when sold) and ran like a top(and burnt no oil)when i sold it....

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