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    '06 RXP Sucked Rock & Won't Start

    Hi, I'm new to board. However, I've been searching and reading many posts and have found a lot of useful info. Thanks everyone!

    However, I have a problem with my jet ski and it's not exactly the same as anything I've read (although close). I was out on a Lake this past weekend and while doing circles waiting for an open spot at the public access site I must have moved over a shallow part of the lake and sucked up a rock. It made a lot of rattling noises and then shut off. Wouldn't start again. We have 2 skis so my husband towed me in. Got home and found a huge rock in the impeller area. We were able to remove it from under the ski but it still won't turn over. The veins are pretty boogered up and the wear ring has some marks in it. However, from all the other posts I've read the skis normally just won't run well. Not that they won't even start or turn over. Have I done more damage than most? Why won't the ski start? Did it bend or gouge the impeller enough to possibly not turn or do you think there is more serious damage than the impeller/wear ring/veins? We were thinking of doing the repair work for the veins (grind them down), wear ring and possibly a new impeller ourselves but if there's more going on maybe we should just take it in?? Anyone have any suggestions??

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    the rock likely had some of them is perhaps melted into the wear ring and jammed in the impeller...this would prevent the motor from turning.

    We get lots of melted wear ring/rock problems here as our gravel is actually bits of granite and not very pump friendly. With the correct tools and info you can find here, it's not outside the realms of first timer to perform an effective repair.

    Get a good flashlight and take a good hard look intot he impeller area, you will likely see a rock, or a balde that's bent over and jammed into the wear ring.

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    Thanks Pete! Just didn't want to start delving into it if it was more serious than just what we've read. So disappointing!

    Of course this is the first weekend we've had in the past month to get out on the big lake where there isn't a small craft advisory. Go figure!

    Thanks again!

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    I think you can do the fix yourself. Just remember, wherever you take a nut and bolt off a part, try to loosely put them back where they came from and in the same position/direction and then when you start your repair, you know where all the nuts and bolts belong and in what position because you have put them back when you dismantled it.

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    do the reasearch...

    pull the pump, take notes on what goes where, where washer go, what directions bolts face and so on.

    asses the damage

    order the parts AND tools you'll need to do the job

    you'll need a 1/2 breaker bar, a bench vise, an impeller holding tool..and perhaps a big fat socket or allen wrench depending on the specifics of your pump. Couple of 10mm wrenches and some sockets. Deep sockets for the pump bolts and some medium strength threadlock ( aka loctitie blue) to put on everything as you put it back together

    you'll find enough info and help here to pull it off, without lining the pocket of your local dealer.

    If your prop is badly damaged, you'll find a solas is price competitive with your seadoo oem.

    if only dinged, SBT has a refurb service that has mostly good results for $25 + shipping (both ways)

    that's all the "free" help you get for now..start using the search button....

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    You can remove the pump take your time. Did my first one in about 45 min. I go through a wear ring or two a wear. I keep one on hand.


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    Thanks everyone! Your input is appreciated. I had already found all the instructions and had them printed off. I just didn't come across a post that had anything to do with the ski not starting so I thought perhaps I had done more damage than most.

    Will be getting tools ordered today and am thinking of replacing the wear ring with the stainless steel one I've read about on the forums. Figured it may be worth the cost since we have it apart. Also, if we need to replace the impeller we were thinking maybe we'd upgrade to a dfferent one but haven't done any homework on it yet. Just some thoughts as we prepare to do some work on it. Also read a little bit about some sc washers being ceramic and should be replaced. Not sure where this fits into what we are doing but will probably look into doing that as well if we are in there. No sense having to do this again. And if I have to put some money into it then maybe for a little more it can be improved upon with a little.

    Thanks again everyone. I think we have what we need to get going. Was just nervous about it not starting and didn't want to dig in if there was something more serious going on.

    Have a great day! It's beautiful here. Thought about going tandem on the one ski but just don't think it will be the same. Figured we'd get the motorcycle out for awhile since it's been ignored the past few weeks. We have way too many summer activities for living in the midwest!

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    Rocks and skis, not a good combo...
    read this and have fun out there:

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    Thanks YoYamma! Already read it And many other threads on here. I really enjoy the forums and appreciate the effort from you and others to assist everyone and give us tips & pointers and allow us to save some money and help ourselves. It's nice to put extra money into the ski and not a local dealership. Especially when the local dealership isn't the greatest (like ours).

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