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    Question '02 Virage i - Low Fuel Pressure

    We're only getting about 10 lbs of fuel pressure in the tank, when it should be closer to 20-30.

    We removed the fuel assembly, put power to the fuel pump and it spun easily. The pressure release valve is properly connected. And it appears that all seals on the top of the tank are good.

    Any suggestions for trouble-shooting this issue? Thanks.

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    If the pressure regulator fitting is properly connected inside the pump body, then the pump itself may need replacement, even though it seems to be running OK.

    I presume you have seen this;

    How to repair a Ficht fuel pump - pressure regulator has fallen inside
    Symptoms include very low fuel pressure, rough running above idle, engine surging, and lack of power above idle.
    Red light and 'Check Engine' message typically appear on the display.

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