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    Replacement Fuel Valve

    Could someone verify that the Sea-doo fuel shut off valve to replace the OEM one with??

    Is correct Valve part number 275500098 and knob # 275500263 ??

    Where to purchase ???

    Thanks !!!

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    Depends on which fuel valve type you have. ON-OFF only, or ON-OFF-Reserve?

    Where can I get a replacement fuel selector valve (On-Off-Reserve)?
    If your fuel selector valve is leaking air into the fuel system, you will have problems. Refurbish the valve seals, or replace the valve.
    The Polaris selector valve is no longer available, but the 1995 Yamaha Wave Blaster Fuel Selector valve may be a good replacement

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    Thanks !!! I also located a WSM -Sea-Doo Valve ( with knob) on Dennis for $15.99.

    Comments ????

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