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    01 Virage fuel pump

    Have an 01 Virage, 2 cylinder, 1 carb, red engine. I bought it new from a dealer in the summer of 06 and it has a total of 15 hours on it. Can't seem to get it running right no matter what I do. Replaced the gray fuel lines, rebuilt and cleaned the carb, checked compression (150 in each).

    Starts and idles fine. Give it gas and it generally dies and on a rare occasion it takes off. Is there a way to check the fuel pump as it's internal to the carb? I checked everything I can think of and have really went over the service manual.

    Any experts in the mid South Carolina or Savannah area?

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    How does it run on the rare occasion that it accelerates? I ask because your model is equipped with an accelerator pump, and if it's only an issue with initial throttle, the accelerator pump could be the problem. (if it's not working)

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    Good but it's so rare. Also, seems to run fine on the trailer(on the hose) but it sure is a pain to tinker, tow to the lake, tow home, and tinker more. I suspect a lack of fuel but I don't know how to check the flow as the pump is internal to the carb.

    Accelerator pump seems to be OK as it squirts fuel like it should.

    No stoppages in the lines, new filter, and water separator is clean. Pulse line is clear and appears to be working and as I said in the OP, good compression on both cylinders. Don't really want to burn a piston if it's running lean so I'm looking for advice on how to fix this, and test it, off the water...

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    Did your rebuild kit include the diaphram ? (that is located directly under the cover closest to the engine)

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