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    Starter spins but won't engage

    The problem started out with having to bump it a couple times when first started to get it to engage. It would work o.k. throughout that day of riding it, but the next morning it would do it again. Eventually it just quit engaging completely.

    Unfortunately I'm pretty sure I know what's going on and what I need to do, but thought I'd run it by ya'll first. The starter spins fine, but won't engage. I pulled the starter and completely disassembled/cleaned it all up anyway, and she spins like a mad mother. It was in need of a good cleaning so nothing lost there. If my thinking is correct here.......I'm going to have to pull the motor and take apart the front end (flywheel/magneto) to get at the gear reduction and starter gear throwout area to fix this thing.

    Am I correct?

    Anybody been here........done this?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Sounds like the one way bearing in the reduction gear. Good luck.

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    I think it's a no way bearing right now.

    Thanks for the well wishes. Nothing to add then?

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    Did you check the CCA on the battery.. Maybe just enough to get the starter to spin, but once it engages with the motor not enough to turn over.

    I had a battery that had all the voltage but no SMASH!

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    swapping a bendix is not hard, but it is not hard either. you need a good flywheel puller and thats really all the special tools you need

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