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    Cool Carburetor issues

    Okay folks, I would like to know if the filter in my super BN mikuni is mostly clogged, would induce a super lean condition? common sense tells me yes, but the reason I ask this, is I just seized a brand new engine and the shop that did the work on the engine asked me to look into a few possible scenarios: is the fuel strainer from the tank clogged? the filter in the carb clogged, yes... almost completely,what position is the high speed adjustment screw?, almost completely closed, except 1/8th of a turn. I have heard that most all stock engines have the high speed adjustment screws closed, any truth to this? and would I benefit from opening this adjustment to prevent another seizure? I am almost certain that the internal filter in the carb caused the super lean condition, but want other people's thought's on this.I don't want to waste another engine.Thanks in advance!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snipescastle2 View Post
    Okay folks, I would like to know if the filter in my super BN mikuni is mostly clogged, would induce a super lean condition? common sense tells me yes,
    Yes 100% correct. I have a pet hate with these filters I remove them completely but keep the in line fuel strainer hooked up. The high speeds if they are a seadoo application run closed and work on the principle that you cant lean tune these by closing the screws off completely.
    Your fuel lines are probably rotting internally and all the crud is settling at these filters.
    If you remove the filters alot of the tiny particles will just flow through the jets and out but will never block the high speed jet as it is so large an opening. If the filters are left in place both high and low speed jets will be blocked and then you seize again.Easier to remove and not worry.

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    The fuel that is allowed in by the adjustment screws is in addition to that flowing through the jet.

    On a stock engine it is normally closed or at most just opened as far as the cap will allow.

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    Talking carb issues

    Okay folks,
    I'll remove the internal filters and put a good inline filter on the suction side of the pump. I was really concerned about turning that high speed mixture screw, most everyone I have talked to said to leave it alone, probably for a very good reason. Thanks!
    p.s. My Sea doos are two 2003 GTI LE models and they have the black fuel hoses, not those awful grey tempo lines I keep hearing about....thanks again!

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