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    tricky.. kaw 750 carb tunning

    After I cleaned the carbs, I set the needles.. (low speed needled)1 turn from lightly closed position and the (high speed needed) 3/4 turns.

    It still seems like the engine is starving for gas..

    It idles fine with the choke closed but when it is open idles up and the engine stalls. later I richened it up a little and if was better

    When on the water it goes from 0-22 mph but when i give it more throttle and open of the choke all the way it stalls..I checked the spark plugs, number one cylinder (near magneto) has tanish color, indicating a lean mixture, the second cylinder has slight black carbon

    fuel starvation right

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    you might be better off postin this in the kawi section.

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