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    2007 rxp, only 6000rpm, then slugish?

    hey guys,
    I havnt ridden my rxp in a few months, but i do start it up every few weeks to make sure the engine is running fine.
    Took my ski out yesterday, i had to top up the oil, and the engine coolant before i took it out as both fo them were low.

    When i accelerate, it has lumpy spots, sounds like its running on 2cyls sometimes. Then when i pull WOT, the ski does the same thing, and sounds like its only running on 2cyls.
    From 3500-6000rpm it runs fine, but after that it just does not perform, sounds like its only running on 2cyls again.

    What could my problem be? Any help appreciated!

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    Maybe your supercharger clutch washers took a crap? Will your ski go beyond 6700 RPM?

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    kems... change the spark plugs and all will be good... really!

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    I was thinking it could be the plugs, or the fuel that i put into it?
    I sucked 40L of fuel out of a gsx limited i just bought, as it had a full tank, but who knows how long it had been sitting there for.
    i will change the plugs, put new fuel in and see what happens.

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