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    tons of seadoo parts

    pumps, heads, gaskets, cylinders, drive shafts, seadoo hx and xp race hulls, cases, manifolds, pipes, skat and solas props. too much to take pictures of.
    contact Dockside Marine In Palm Bay fl. 1-321-9520411

    visit our ebay store

    we are adding new products daily as we go through the shop and storage.
    Visit the store or give us a call.

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    bump for anyone looking for new and used parts.
    have pumps plastic/bronze pumps, cylinders, cases, starters, carbs, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, head pipes, exhaust stingers, water boxes, electronics, motor mounts, cables, have some hx race hulls.
    give us a call or visit the ebay store. if you don't see what your looking for we can find it or order it.
    thanks for your time.

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    bump for findin work for the winter

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    "The use of this section to sell products commercially is not allowed."

    I think your ebay store qualifies as commercial...

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    sry about that. not trying to promote the ebay store, but as a way of contacting us for parts. we have a 24' trailer full of yamaha, seadoo, and kawasaki parts. All of which could be usefull to green hulk members.
    They are useless if no one knows they are there.
    Sry to step on any toes.

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    Did you get the hood?

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    wow!!! i think those prices are kinda steep there bud.

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