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    '97 GP1200 idles extremely rough

    I've got the two skis in my signature and my GP1200 idles really rough on the trailer. My Raider idles smooth as silk compared to the GP.

    On the water, the GP usually requires the you give it some throttle to start. If not, then it just cranks and cranks and won't fire. Sometimes it will fire without any throttle. Once it starts and you give it throttle, it runs like the proverbial raped ape !

    I adjusted the carb high speed and low speed screws to the factory recommended settings from the GP1200 Service Manual. It idles so roughly I'm seems like its only hitting on one or two cylinders.

    I got the ski from my brother last yr. He owned it since it was brand new and always had the dealer winterize it in Atlanta. He told me that the carbs have never been rebuilt and he also told me that the ski has always idled rough. Always since it was brand new. Is this just the way GP1200s idle or should I be thinking about going through the carbs?

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    check compression first

    yes fresh carbs would probably help if the compression is fine

    GPs also eat coupler biscuits

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    I'll check the compression but I'm guessing by the way the ski runs at anything above idle, it'll check out fine.

    Won't have a chance to do it before Wednesday or Thursday but I will do it just to eliminate that possibility.

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    The GP's do idle rough it is their nature, couple things to consider is idle setting it should be 1250-1350 RPM's set in the water under load. Fresh plugs fresh fuel and change fuel filters each season. Like WFO said check the rubber coupler for wear. Going through your carbs is a necessary requirement, every three to four seasons depending on use.

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