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    Limp Home mode problem

    Hi to all
    I have one big problem with a SeaDoo 4-Tec Super Charged watercraft (2006 model). It goes in to limp home mode often but in irregular intervals. It can happen after 5 minutes or after 30 minutes. After it goes in to limp home mode I switch the watercraft off and then back on and it runs normally but after some time it goes in to limp home mode again. I checked the CTS, EGTS and OPS sensors and they are OK. I replaced them with sensors from another watercraft (same model and year) that doesnít have that problem but no change. It goes into limp home mode again. When I connect the diagnostic tool and run the BUDS diagnostic program there are no errors in the error log.
    Any idea what to check next? Iíll check the wiring again and the oil pressure.

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    isnt that what happens when the knock sensor is messed up?

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    Sounds like an oil pressure issue... considering that you swapped out the other sensors... but I am surprised you have no error codes

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    I also think it could be oil pressure problem but what puzzles me is that if the pressure is too low the engine would overheat and it would be damaged, or if the pressure is too high it would leak oil from somewhere. Nothing like this happened. This happens only when I run the craft in water. If the craft is operated on dry (connected to a hose for cooling) this doesn't happen. I'll check the oil pressure and I'll check the wiring and the knock sensor. And yes I'm also surprised that there is no error. Only beeeeeep and the RPM drops to 2500.

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    There would be no load on the engine when running on the trailer so it sounds like a temp/ oil problem......fuel pressure ???
    If the sensors are ok then maybe they are detection something abnormal like they should.

    Try swapping your mates ECU to see what happends.

    (no expert, just guessing)

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