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    Unhappy 95 wave venture idles, wont go over 7mph. Help!!

    I have a 95 wave venture wvt 700 that will idle all day but will not go over 7 mph on water. Checked compression front has 145 psi, rear has 135 psi with wot. Ran great prior to kids running out of gas, then when they switched to reserve came back limping! Changed plugs and did find some small bits of something in the rear cylinder plug but compression is at 135. Cleaned the carbs but not in bad shape, pretty clean. Wondering if there is a problem with rear cylinder or does fuel system need a complete cleaning and blowdown. This ski had run great up to that point, now when you give it gas it just puts along with little power surges like it is trying to power up. Any input or help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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    You may have a broken reed

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    I will take apart and check that. Anyone else?

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    are you getting any warnings on your mfd? what exactly is it doing? is it bogging at that speed or on the rev limiter etc? have you refueled it and tried it in the on position? sometimes the fuel selectors fail and don`t switch over fully. If thats the case it could starve the engine for fuel and cause it to run lean.

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    It goes up to 4 then slowly to 7 mph then surges like it want to take off but does not like it it not getting fuel. New plugs so it is not fouled. Pulled reeds and they look great and are within tolerance. Checked the compression with the intake off and have a solid 145 both cylinders. Whew! It does give an intermittent ER and flash the fuel triangle after it all stops blinking when i first start it. Pulled the fuel fill hose and looked in tank and appears to have some sediment in the bottom I am going to drain the tank and pull out to clean. I will also check the on and reserve tubes to make sure they are clear. Could have possibly pulled up some of the sediment while on reserve??!!! I checked the fuel selector switch and it is clear both ways. I will repost with results but if anyone has something else i should checked while i have her ripped apart dont hesitate to post. THANKS!!

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