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    95 SL 650 Wont Start

    Hello, I have a 95 SL 650 that was in good shape. It was running great eariler when I was pulling a wake board when then I hit the gas and the engine shut off and wont start again. The starter works just fine, it turns over, but it just wont start. It's getting spark, it's getting gas, it's getting air so it should be at least trying to start but it wont even do that. Every once in a while I get one cylinder to ignite but it's rare. I did a compression test and all pistons are good. I took apart the electical box and tested the stator and the ignition coils. The stator was fine but the ohms on the ignition coils were all low.At It says the Black to Black/White: 0.6 ohms but when I tested it I got 0.3 ohms for each one. I looked at the manual and it says that it is allowed to be between 0.2 - 0.6. I have tested the same coils once before about a month earlier for a different problem and they were reading 0.6 ohms.

    So i'm thinking that maybe its getting a weak spark, although the spark is blue. Any other ideas? I was thinking the timing might be off, but I have been spraying starting fluid in the carbs and it doesn't help. Maybe the CDI? Does anyone know why this thing wont start.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    It sounds kind of odd, that you have spark and fuel, but won't fire. Even with starting fluid. (which is bad for lubrication purposes)

    You're going to need to check the timing if you have fuel, compression, and spark.

    But before you go through all that, do you have another GOOD CDI you can try first?

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    I found out it's a weak spark that is causing the problem. It's got to be either CDI, ignition coils or the stator. I did a ohms test and they all are about right. Except you cant test the CDI, but the CDI is new. Any ideas on how I can figure out which part is bad?

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    Try clipping the plug wires back about 1/4" and rescrewing the plug boots back on. Then re-ziptie them in place.

    See if that helps.

    Make sure the battery is strong and making over 10.5V when CRANKING.

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