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Thread: what the ?

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    what the ?

    I just don`t get it...

    I saw three young doods, prolly 18-20 years old on three brand new Yami sho`s/FZS submarining their new ski`s not far from the bulkhead...
    as I approach the bulkhead at low tide, I jump off the side and walk my ski in and tie off... These doods were running their machines in knee deep waters.
    I mentioned the low tide and they gave me a rediculous look and nailed the throttle in reverse, well, ummm, ok...

    I guess they didn`t see the NO wake cans either as they ripped away at full throttle start between other ski`s...

    This is why I go very early in the morning to avoid clowns like this... good grief...

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    I get this a lot too. At that point your guilty by association. The next time your at the ramp the locals look at you like you're the anti-christ even though most of us are very respectful on the water.

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    It's idiots like this that piss me off to no end... and people wonder why law enforcement screws with the jet ski riders all the time

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    Locally we had a guy buy a brand new jet ski. On one of his first rides, he took a friend out. He wore a life jacket but did not have one for his friend. He rode in the late afternoon/early evening on a weeknight when no one else was really out.
    He did not clip the lanyard to his vest and went whipping the ski around. Consequently, they both fell off and the ski kept going.
    The rescue squad found then huddled together floating in the middle of long island sound and there boat ended up god-only-knows where. I think it was found some time later and quite a ways off.

    true story.

    I think it needs to become a requirement that you cannot buy a ski until you have a safe-boaters and pwc license. Afterall, a car dealership wouldnt sell a car to someone without a driver's license.

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    Dad probably bought them the skis.Seems people who buy there own stuff take good care of there stuff.

    But,Those actions keep steve and the guys busy.

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    A couple of weeks ago I saw 3 guys were riding 3 up on a FZS at the sand bar running slow speed around all the anchored boats and ski's. Thankfully they didn't come by us. We saw them go out into a more open area to go faster, but it was no wake zone and got busted!! Some people are just plain stupid.

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