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Thread: 200 or230

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    200 or230

    i want to change my speedster150 for a wake 200 or 230 dont no which one will be better i like the room of the 230 but i think il will be under power.and the 200 some people say that they purposing a 30mph. i know its true for the 2006.any sugestion answer will be appreciate.

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    I have an 07 S200 love it....yes it does at time porpoise at times, the weight needs to be distributed right. I have seen both wakes a great prices, I would do 230 because I always have friends and want more room.

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    Yes... 5 people in a S200 (in back) may give you some porpoise action, but if you load the front with ice and gear you can stop it with just a little turn of the steering wheel.

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    I have a 07 speedster 200 for sale...

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    i had an 08 s200 never had that happen to me i just got the 230 510 its just as fast as the 430 s200 and is awesome in the chop and lots of room and i got mine for a real good price only paid like 8grd more then the 200 i got jerked the first time i would go with the 230 if space is what u want

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    so the 230wake 510hp is probably the right to buy

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    so i try a 230 this week end love the boat except the top speed 44mph whit the 430 h.p. if someone know the speed of the 510 h.p. real mph not the speedo thanks

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    i got a 230 510 on my gps i got it up to 62 mph

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    I got 68mph on gps with my speedster 200 430hp

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    Thanks i try 1 230wake whit my gps get 60. so i wil probably go whit it and the cruise is around 5500rpm.but i want to see the 2010

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