I have an 01 GP1200R that I picked up for a project but don't have the time to work on it. It is in awesome shape but lost the oil line on #3 and will not a cylinder, rod, etc and MAYBE a crank, don't know because it hasn't been torn down. The motor is not locked up and will turn over and start (wouldn't recommend it though!). This is one of the nicest skis I have seen, the steering is SOOOO smooth, its like a brand new ski! The ski has less than 50 hours on it.

Comes with a nice single trailer. I do not have the title but have all the information to get it from the original owner (including all of his contact info, etc.), I just don't have time to mess with it! This would be a PERFECT ski for a conversion, as well as having a ton of good parts to sell, thats what I bought it for. I would like to get $1700 OBO for it as it sits. The ski is in San Antonio, TX.