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    FS Sony PS3 BRAND NEW unplayed/untouched $300

    Edit. no longer available
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    Ahhhh dude i bought one last night off ebay for 290 wish i would have waited 24 hours and i would have helped you out!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyguytki View Post
    i bought one last night off ebay for 290
    And this ones brand new

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    This is a great site for great sales. I bought 48 T-shirts with pockets for $35. They weren't cheap thin shirts either.

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    Looks like im keeping it.

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    no thanks. its brand new and havent played it once. its one week old and I have a walmart receipt for $423 to prove how much I paid. I dont feel like taking a loss of $223 on it. A loss of $123 I could have stomached.

    When did that price drop go into effect? I heard a rumor about it but didnt know it was for real.. maybe I can get a price adjustment from walmart.

    If you want to make a slightly better offer, feel free. If not, I guess under the circumstances, Ill keep it.

    I have more than one PS3 and I just got this to have another one and another blu ray player in another room.
    it was kinda an impulse purchase. The box has been tossed or I would return it to walmart.

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    I would take it back or ask for a price adjustment. Why dont you just return it for a refund? The Price break occured this week.

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    As stated above, the box and etc was thrown out. The serial numbers are on the box and etc. Everything has to match to be able to return a PS3.

    Im content to keep it. Its nice to have a PS3 and blu-ray player in my bedroom its just that it seems somewhat frivilous. I doubt its going to get much use.

    Its all good. thanks for informing me of the price drop. I will go today and get it adjusted.

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