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    urgent help required

    I flipped my 2 months old 260x and when returned it back (clockwise)
    it didnt start.

    i pulled it to the shore and took the water out from rear waterplugs and it was quite too much.

    Then after couple of tries it started and slowly got back to normal.

    Afterwhich i noticed a drop in top speed by about 7 mph
    and after riding it for a while and leaving it, and starting it again after let 20 minutes the RPM hits max to 4000 with cut off for about a minute then back to normal.

    I took it to the local dealer (bunch of idiots i would say) and they checked everytnig and confirmed that everything is fine.

    The same thing happened again yesterday.

    Another issue is that last week i returned back to harbour late and couldn't pull the jetski out of the water so left it in the water till next day and when went back found that half of the hull is filled with water.

    again took it to the bunch of idiots (the dealer) who said its normal as it an open loop system and should not be left on the water for long?

    Everyone told me it has nothing to do with the open loop system and i might have a leak.

    Please can someone advise me what might be thr reason for both issues and i will till the bunch of idiots to get them checked.

    Living in a country where your dealer dont know what they are diong in a real pain in th a**

    p.s the boost is normal @ 11-12 psi with 7800 RPM but still max speed is 59 to 60 MPH

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    how it happen how did you flip that heavy ski? i can't answer your question but all I know that hot climate kills Ultra speed and RPM goes what in weather you are living cold or hot..a friend of mine has 2008 Utra and it happen that half of it's hull was full with solty water coming from loosen his ski is still be fastest among us..water can be bad but you have to figure out what may also cause your speed to be reduced

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    did you replace the plugs? maybe got fouled. Is there any water left in the engine? You have to change the oil about 5 or 6 times to get all water out.

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    If it is still pulling the those rpms but show slow on the speedo....check with a gps.....dont rely on speedo as it will change. As for leaks check all the usual suspects...hoses....loose drain plugs in shaft seal.....exhaust hoses. Also check your oil level and condition.....water intrusion.


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