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    rebuild help

    I have a 1998 xl1200 and one of the oil lines fell off last week. We were riding in the intracoastal waterway and it just cut off. At first I thought it was bad gas because the boat was cutting off also. We beached them bot and I could not find a problem with the ski. I pulled the plugs and noticed the #3 cylinder plug was dry. I was towed back and after getting home I found that the line form the pump to #3 had fallen off.

    It will still run but it just doesn't sound right. What am I looking at here best and worst case scenario.

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    worst case is cases,crank,cylinder,piston, and head. best case is probably cylinder and piston.

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    mine did the same thing couple weeks ago. in process of rebuilding 3rd cylinder. cost about $500, but i am installing d-plate, waveeater, and premix along with new cylinder/piston. That is probably best case!
    Ask questions, post pictures you will get great help on this site! read my thread "3rd cylinder" or "bad day" and you'll see my rebuild process.
    Good Luck!

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    So for the most part I will probably need a sleeve, piston and rings, gasket set. What else am I forgetting? Does anyone sell this stuff in a kit or do I get it individually?

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    You really need to open it up before you buy anything. post pictures. you will get answers on what to do next.

    you can buy a top end rebuild kit. I think it like $600 or so not sure. or you could put a WTB in the classifieds for each part you need. thats what i did. got everything in about week and a half.

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    Well I took the head off today. It is not as bad as I thought but the cylinder is scored pretty good. So I was thinking with the price of a topend kit and not knowing what condition the rod bearing is in I may just buy a reman engine. It will nit really be that much more and I will have a 0 hour engine vs a 1/2 new 1/2 100 hour engine. What other options do I have besides sbt?

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    With the 65U motor which came in the 98XL's you can bore up sizes as it is already sleeved. OEM pistons come in .25mm increments and aftermarket Pro-X and wiseco come in .5mm increments. I have mine currently bored to .5 over, just got through doing one for a friend 1.0mm over. These motors can handle a failure much easier than the 66V motors can. I say a bore and a piston and you are back in business.

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    What about the crank bearings bill? oh and just 1 piston or all 3?

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