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    Talking whats the chances an irish guy will get an answer to this question

    I recently bought an 01 xl700 waverunner from a yamaha dealer. PRoblem is it goes great on the straight but when turning it loses power and you have to blip the throttle to get power back up
    THe dealer told me it was carbs problem but i noticed that 2 bars on the intake grate are broken. Would this be the problem?? WHAT does the intake grate do apart from stop stuff gettin sucked up into the impeller??
    SOrry im new to this technical stuff.
    Enjoying the fun

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    Chances are about 23.8745394:1

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    Are they broken or actually missing? And what's with the Irish thing - does it count with an Irish gal?

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    disco feet,

    can you take a picture of it for us? that would help. the grate brings the water in at a certain angle and keeps the boat hooked to the water. if you are missing anything it could be causing the problem.

    also confused with the irish thing but i'll do my best to help.


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    pic to be taken tonight

    ill take a pic today and post tonight for you to help me
    many thanks
    the irish thing?helps to get a response quicker.....hehehe
    i am irish though


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