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    propulsion problem

    So that was just another day of learning hard way how to prevent ski in the future from damage. Not far away from the beach i went to underwater sand dune.
    I only could hear some stones and sand going in to the jet, i did cut the engine immediately . After that all the problems start. I could only go 4mph( going back home 3h) the engine idle no problem but there is no propulsion. Only some vibration when i idle a bit but not faster then 4mph. I would like to ask for help before i will start putting everything apart. I greatly appreciate any help.


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    happened to me the other day, i had forgotten a rubber spacer that i used to align the shaft with jet pump when reinstalling. check your jet pump intake from under the craft, if nothing then check you vane stator behind the impeller. all just visual checks to see if anything is stuck in there. i doubt its anything else unless you impeller is screwed, but i doubt it

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    I would say there is definately still something in your grate or tunnel. Get it out of the water and check to see if there is still crap in there. I bet you there is. Thats what is causing the cavitation.

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    Thnx, id did look under and there is a big stone stuck somewhere in the prop. Do you think that if i remove just this stone it should get back to normal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamil269 View Post
    Thnx, id did look under and there is a big stone stuck somewhere in the prop. Do you think that if i remove just this stone it should get back to normal?

    NO way to tell without inspection. You need to pull the pump remove the rocks and inspect wear ring and prop.
    If your not sure post picks and we can tell you if is ok.

    If you dont want to do that, then run it and you should know.

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    90% of the time it's something stuck in the prop. 1/2 the time, you can use another ski to shoot water backwards through the pump and that will fix it. Otherwise, you have to pull the pump. You can pull the pump with just the tools in the factory tool kit, but the rear of the ski has to be totally out the water.

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    What wear ring do you have? If stock, you will probably need a new one. Check your impeller for damage as well. There are several people around that can recondition it like Speedfreaks or Impros that I know off off hand.

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    Got the stone out today, no problem, the waring ring is messed up a bit, the prop looks fine, i will give a try tomorrow to see if that was the only problem. Thnx!

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