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    Stupid ass people who claim to be mechanics

    Just venting, I come home from work at 10 to see my little brother and his friend working on his car. They were trying to figure out why his new fog lights werent working. Since im blocked and can get into the driveway I go see whats up. First off i noticed how much of a hack job the friend who installed the fog lights did to the bumper. Second I see that said installed didnt even wait for the paint to dry on the fog light housings.

    After 20mins of trying to figure out thge electrical problems I convince my brother and his other friend (not the installer) to call it quits and try to figure out another day. Im tired and want to park and go to bed. They leave and I get a call from my brother telling me his car is idling and driving/ braking funny. Im like braking funny thats weird to happen while having a idle problem. My first thought was he forgot to connect a sensor. Well after gathering intel, I get some info that is troubling. The installer friend had tried to drill a hole in the firewall to run a wire, and when I check it out, it is right behind the brake booster. I am 80% positive this moron drilled thru the firewall and into the booster, creating a vac leak. Which would explain the idle issue and the braking issue.

    Just what I need another project involving a car that isnt mine to fix. What pisses me off most is this installer friend is a mechanic at Honda and works on cars all day long, well obviously he isnt a good one and I can only imagine the shape of the other peoples cars that he has worked on.

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    sorry dude...

    i dont even know what else to say other than 'duh'

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    This is way to easy..Butt i wont even go there...I am keeping quite like a good lil Icerat Happy tuesday peeps...Sorry to hear your Bad experince....

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