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    Day of Beginnings

    K38 Water Safety

    Visit Our Challenged Athletes Forum:

    Folks, here is a brief update of our weekend activities with our close friends and supporters. We at K38 hope that you feel inspired, motivated and humble by the courage of the people we mention below.
    Semper Spero-

    Kiss after the ride

    Jennifer Mccallson used to ride her brothers stand up jet ski before her accident a decade earlier.
    This was the first time she was back on the water, I took her along with Ryan Levinson 1 mile offshore into a very busy Pacific Ocean. Brave woman, beautiful spirit. Touching.

    Jenniffer's Photo Album of her day

    This day did not happen alone. It came about because of trust and passion of many folks. Lou Freta another student and a (the following are former Marines) who suffered an IED blast resulting in a traumatic brain injury along with former Drill Instructor Mike Arnold, and Infantry Office Mark Gerner were there lending their dedicated and selfless support as they do on so many other occassions.

    Our beloved Pirate, PWC offshore racer-Ryan Levinson who has Muscular Dystrophy and is the reason the Challenged athlete PWC offshore race training began: Due to Ryan's passion for connecting people to bring awareness to challenged athletes, all these days are dedicated in his honor.

    Bryant Lambert from Hypnotic Films, along with Warren Frank whom is our National Challenged Offshore Champion and is an amputee another great soul, all students and friends came to experience this amazing day.

    We also enjoyed the pleasure of training Erica Davis, a parapalegic who we are setting on a 55 mile
    offshore race for her on November 1st. I will write more about Erica later as she breaks boundaries:

    A lot of thought, preparation and safety considerations were implemented in these outings. We are honored to be serving such noble and courageous people.

    I cannot speak for Jennifer, Erica or others, but I do believe it was a very good experience and moving for all of us to have this tremendous opportunity. The day skated along at it's own pace and we took the time to enjoy a quality experience. I am very thankful. Praises

    Shawn Alladio

    Mike picking up Jennifer, its lift off time! Here we go! Pirate always in the 'ready'.

    1 Mile offshore: Jennifer and Ryan

    Now we have created a monster....LOL

    Jenn broke her neck 10 years ago in a gymanstics accident. This was a very emotional
    moment for both of us, her first time underway. These small boats can be extremely
    intimidating to the able bodied, I cannot imagine how wonderful and difficult this was at the
    same time for Jennifer.

    This is the first time to start the Jet Ski, you can see the uncertainty on her face!

    Mike Arnold is the strength who picks up the ladies, from wheelchair to Jet Ski, Mike
    is always there. Today we had Mike, Mark, Pirate and myself helping Jennifer.

    Jennifer, Erica and Ryan, taking a break between rides.

    Ryan adjusts Jennifer's body positioning before we head out of the harbor.

    Erica, Warren, and Jennifer. I simply love this shot, it speaks of so many "POSSIBILITIES" to me

    Sudo is Jennifer's support dog, he is a lovely soul and enjoyed the water!

    Well, here we all go! Jet Skis heading out!

    Jenn's Support Dog SUDO

    Big Iron Mike on Starboard, he's our mainstay

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