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    Ext. Supercharger brackets

    I have a 2008 150 215scic running in very warm waters (FL Keys). I want out upgrade to the riva intercooler. What brackets are you guys using. Any pics would great. Trying to figure out where it would bolt to. I think the distances between the motor and the transom are different on the boats compared to the skis.

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    Same boat. Installed the Fizzle external intercooler which came with a bracket which was a bolt on mod. Reasonably happy with the performance increase. Definately recommend the strainer. I've been surprised how much the strainer has caught vs. going into the external intercooler. Makes me wonder about the stock intercooler without a strainer. Good luck.

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    Also on the Fizzle, you have to remove the exhaust baffle, and go straight out which raises the exchaust sound level somewhat. (No too bad however definately louder) Had to make my own exchaust extension. Nothing in the kit.

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