My Yami is giving me some weird symptoms, i'd like some help in narrowing down the possible causes before I start taking things apart.
Carbs rebuilt and 1 piston replaced about 2 months ago.
Last weekend however, it was bogging down during low RPM's, when I'd punch it, It just wouldn't grab and i'd have to hit the throttle a couple times before it would take off, and then it would run perfect at medium RPM to WOT. Then at the end of the day, it stalled on me twice after hitting a boat wake, (not a big wake, just a bump) It would start right back up on the fly but its definitely a concern.
Initial thoughts were that maybe the carb & piston work had something to do with it, since normally i'd say look towards the last thing changed. It DID seem to bog down at low rpm's right after the work was done, but I attributed that to breaking in and the fact that my first tank I ran at 40-1.
Where would you start looking for the source of this problem ?
1) Plugs & Wires
2) Low Throttle Adjustment
3) ???

I appreciate any input...