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    97 GSX - surging issues

    I can t reach full speed. i can get the doo up to 5000 rpm after that engines revs and bogs down, at times at full throttle doo will not go over 5000 rpm. if i get the intake out of the water engine will rev higher but only momentarily. ive cleaned the rave valves, cecked the impeller and housing, changed the jet pump oil, check ful filters, anything else? what could it be? i ran 94 octane seemed to help a little with surging and reving (doesnt happen as often) but still cant reach full speed.

    any info would be great.

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    Have you checked the filters in the carbs, and the fuel filler valve. If you haven't changed out the fuel lines that is probably your problem. The stock gray lines are bad about going bad and stopping up the carb filters,the ones in the carbs,and the fuel filler valve,the one where you turn gas off,on, and reserve.

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    I you haven't changed those grey lines yet then it is running lean and seizing the pistons.

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    I could not believe how bad the stock lines were on my GSX! Replace them IMMEDIATELY! Be sure to replace the fuel filter at the same time, and clean the fuel selector!

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    I guess you figured it out by now,,Clean those carbs before you burn a piston!

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