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    New Yamaha Owner here... '03 GP1300R

    Well we just picked up our 2nd jetski today(we bought our first one a few weeks ago).

    Bought this one pretty cheap but the hull has damage... Nothing a little fiberglass work won't cure. Overall its not in bad shape, just neglected.
    The engine seems good, compression is normal and no internal problems that I can hear right now.

    I think with a little TLC and a few hours in my shop, this thing should be tip-top!

    Give it to me Yamaha owners... is the GP1300R a good buy at $900.00?
    Is there anything I should be worried about or pay special attention to as I go through this thing?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Good find.Best of luck with your ski.

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    Welcome to the forum. $900.00!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! What kind of hull damage we talking and were is it at? While your fixing the hull damage, you should install the tunnel reinforcment. The 03' hulls were the worst year for tunnel cracks.Also, get yourself a 1200 intake grate and dump the stock one.

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    Just wait for the winter when hull prices drop and get a used hull. It does not need to be a 1300R hull since the 1200R and 1300R shared the same hull. The later years weighed less but it would depend on the cost of the hull for me.

    WOW $900

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    Quote Originally Posted by WATER WOODY View Post
    The 03' hulls were the worst year for tunnel cracks.
    Can you elaborate on this ? I'm considering adding a second ski to my armada and one option I have is a 2003 GP1300R. What kind of issues should I be aware of on this ski in addition to the tunnel cracks?

    To the OP. Definitely install a set of WaveEater clips on the exhaust valves. You can see in my thread here I'm helping a buddy get his GP800 back on the water:

    The cause of his engine failure wass the exhaust valve on the PTO cylinder dropped and totally trashed the piston and cylinder. Between purchasing the reman'd cylinder, piston, WaveEater's, and gaskets we're going to have $450 in parts alone! That's a bit nasty all because a valve slipped down a few thousandths of an inch


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    900?! are u serious?

    u sure its not missing something? like the gas tank maybe?

    seriously, that is an excellent price ive never heard of one so cheap

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    $900 WoW Ride it like you stole it
    Cause you did! Congrads

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    The damage area isn't that bad at all. Its on the left front just as the front part of the hull flattens out at the bottom.

    I've already started layering the fiberglass in. Hope to have it lake-ready by Sunday.... I can't wait to ride this beast!

    There are numerous nicks and paint scratches all over the ski but I plan on giving it a fresh paint job over the winter.

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    Nice job on your find and at a killer deal! post pics of your damage.Lee

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    good score on an EFI GPR!

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