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    freedom crankshaft seals

    I Ordered to my 700cc 2002 freedom crankshaft rebuild kit and it supposed to containt all oil seals, but when i opened it that magneto side seal was right, but in couplier side it had only 1 seal and it looks differend than old ones. there supposed to be 2 seals like picture ( shows (part 11).

    it's like that black one
    seller says rebuild kit fits all 700cc engine, but no. =(
    where i can get right seals,any good, fast, cheap place and whitch are willing to ship international.

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    Where are you located?

    Was this a genuine Polaris rebuild kit for the crank shaft?

    Randy feels that the genuine Polaris seals are worth the extra cost. Better fit, better quality.

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    I'm From Finland.
    no it's wasn't genuine polaris kit, it was from WSM (
    meaby i have to ask seals from local polaris dealer, i think i have heard that one seal cost about 30Ä (40$) in here. and i need 2pcs. quite expensive seals.

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