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    PPG Extension Pipe

    Does anyone have pictures of an installed PPG extension Pipe that connects to the Riva Power Filter. I recently purchased one it appears to me that it is too long to be connected how I was instructed to connect it.

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    I think that is alot of money for that pipe!...PR...

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    ask JAG on the board ....he has one. It hooks into the big front seat vent just under the hood latch. disconnect the down spout piece from it that ends near the battery.

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    it's definitely pricey for what it is... some smooth flex hose will do the same thing and slap a filter on the end...

    but you need to separate the halves of the front big black snorkel vent thingy... they want u to drill into the black tube for the filter i guess? ... i'm trying to visualize the front vent tube on the RXP...

    i've seen JAG's setup... it definitely works and defintily sucks strictly outside air, but damn... a power filter setup plus the PPG pipe... that's the damn most expensive air intake i EVER seen... u'll get more RPMs and boost out of a flexible 4" tube that costs 40-50 bucks

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