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    Post 2000 virage

    hello new to the pwc world had a couple of questions. picked up a virage 2000 with no spark after very careful tests and new battery found out that prev owner left gasket off magneto cover. and stator got wet has rust and cdi box dead my question is if i buy all 3 parts can i use them from any year above 2000 or will it not work looking at the part numbers only the 2001 has a diffrent cdi part number and from 2002-2004 all parts but cdi change from 2000 i was looking at replaceing all 3 things with a 2002 or 2003 if they are the black potted ones mine are red potted and was reading that those were faulty units.... ALL HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED

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    The various CDI differ primarily in the ignition advance curves, AND which flywheel version is used.

    If you keep your 2000 flywheel (PN
    4010189), then you must use a CDI from a model/year that came with the same 'regular' flywheel.

    If you buy the 'High-Start' 4010569 flywheel, and a CDI that matches, it will work just fine.

    I believe the three cylinder stators from 2000 onwards are electrically interchangeable.

    There are several versions of the domestic engine flywheel.
    Do not use the 4010569 "High Start' flywheel without using a CDI programmed to match

    The Black potted CDI (also known as Gen III CDI) are the better versions. Red potted CDI are mostly (or all?) Gen II CDI.

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