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    WBII760 Black Oily water first start

    Hi Guys,

    Just wondering if this is normal. I parked the ski for winter(Australia) and sprayed WD40 allover the components and pulled the battery out (4months ago). Anyway I was planning to take it out as we had a few warmer days out here. Put fresh fuel and battery and started it up and connected the flush hose.

    It started quite easy (a few cranks to get fuel back in the line)
    I ran it for a couple of minutes (3minutes)

    But I noticed really dirty water coming out the back.

    It left a black oily patch on the grass about 30-40cm (1.2 feet) diameter.

    Is that normal?



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    yes that is normal, my b2 does the same thing. change to some good oil and it will cut it down.

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    Yep. That is quite typical. You should see all of the dead spots on my lawn!

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    Thanks Guys,

    I thought it might be, but it seemed quite a lot. (biggest 2stroke I've owned is a 250 motorbike b4 this)

    No wonder they switched to 4 strokes.... But I still love my 2 strokes

    BTW I use Yamalube, Is that good oil?
    That's what Yamaha recommend
    Anything else I should do b4 I take it out?

    And as a newbie to jet skis thanks for all you help and advice I appreciate it!

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    black patch of oil is normal..( this is residue thats setted and collected thru the time it was sitting). I would run a higher test of octain ,first time out, if your not already.. this will help any stale gas that was left in your system to burn more stable.

    also ditch the wd 40..IMO, it leaves an amber oil film as it drys out or if its absorbed into the plastics it yellows them.. I recommend CRC 656 marine a clear non staining oil that you can spray everything with ...

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