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    99 genesis

    I am trying to figure out why my genesis is so moody. It will start and run strong but when you shut it off you lose spark. I had weak spark once then when I applied a bit more pressure to lanyard it started. Sometimes it will only start on starting fluid but then start and stop fine for the rest of the day. I have done most of the test I have found 9 volt on stator,multi meter on cdi,cranking amps,etc. I can not find where the terminal bar with the orange wire is located, but from my understanding you jump out red/purple to orange when ski will not crank after being shut off, it always cranks it just won't fire. Any way it's a 99 red domestic with single start/stop button,CDI # 4010377 is this old style? plug wires come out of PN 4010174. Any advise would be much appreciated.

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    I think your 1999 Genesis actually has two electrical boxes.

    Another member recently worked through finding and then installing the Orange wire to CDI modification on his Genesis, and it involved running an new wire between the two boxes. Search for that thread.

    If you are referring to the Ignition Update Kit, those kits only apply to the 900 and 1050 engines, not the 1200.

    There is a test to check whether the Orange wire to CDI Red/Purple modification will help. When it won't start after already running, disconnect the battery for a few seconds, then reconnect the battery. If it then starts up right away, then the modification should help.

    The modification only affects the Red/Purple wire that goes into the CDI module. Every other Red/Purple wire stays as it is.

    The CDI Red/Purple wire is unplugged from all the other Red/Purple wires, and only the CDI wire is then directly connected to all the Orange wires (which is in the other electrical box).

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