1st Annual Grayland Open Jet-Ski Competition

The event will consist of an estimated 30 competitors riding stand up and sit down watercraft (potentially more) in the surf. During the competition there will be one to two riders at a time in a flagged section for a 5 minute run to do as many tricks as possible in that 5 minutes.

Every run will be judged and scored for the competition. The best score of the two runs will be the score used to determine placement. Awards will be given to 1st through 3rd place in the sit down class (x-2 will be considered a sit down for this event). The stand up class awards will be given for 1st through 5th place with an award also given for “Sickest trick” and “Gnarliest Wipe out”.

This is an event that you don't want to miss. All are welcome free of charge to come enjoy some serious aerial action at the beach. We would ask that you enjoy the competition from outside of the “pit” area, this is where all of the jet skis are parked and worked on.

The riding will occur directly in front of the spectator area so you'll have the best view from there. There will be some on site vendors for you to feast on and possibly get some goodies to take home with you. Please respect the beach. All rules governed by the State Parks Dept. are in effect during the event. Please pack it out if you pack it in. Avoid soft beach areas with your vehicles as a tow can be very costly. This is the first year for this event so at this point we are unsure how it will unfold, we will make changes and adjustments as necessary as the time gets near. Please watch the website for changes and future details and information.

Dan Lindgren (Harbor Dan)

Dayton Fedak (The Cap'n)

Event Coordinators / Promoters / Riders

If you would like to sponsor this event or be a vendor on the beach please send us an e-mail about how you can help us make this an outstanding event for years to come. [email protected]

</SPAN> August 29th 2009 from 9:00am to 5:00pm