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    1999 sea doo gsx starting problem

    hello, I have a 99' gsx rfi it does not want to start. When I have it on the trailer out of water it will start fine, no problems at all. When I get it in the water it does not want to start. It will crank over fine, seems like it is not getting enough fuel?? injectors??(not to sure) Finally after cranking it for awhile and pumping the gas it will finally fire up. After it is ran for a bit and warmed up it sems to start with no problems, just the initial start up is hard. It seems if I lift the back end up out of the water it will start up quicker at first. Just wondering if anybody has any ideas?? or anyone who has had similar problems..
    Thank you..

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    I am having the same problems. I have more problems after running for a while. I can run back and forth across the lake fine, if I stop it to go for a swim it will not crank back up. I can have my son pull me behind his and it will crank up. Also, when I am pushing the start button it will turn over a few times and then stop by itself, like I let go of the button. Any help would be appreciated.

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