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    Aaron Sanchez

    Aaron Sanchez

    Nickname: Ironman

    Race Boat #: 31

    Age: 40

    Race Class/Division: Expert Ski

    Have you competed before?

    2008 MH300 - (ironman) 3rd place overall - ski division
    2009 MH300 - (ironman) 4th place overall - ski division
    Winner - Ironman award 2009 MH300

    Tell us about your team pit crew:

    The wrecking crue consists of Jonny X2 Lee, Lisa Price , Karen Mann, Karen's brother, and lots of additonal help by the Looter Pro team.

    Those guys and girls are on it. I have time to slam some Gatorade and clean my goggles and then its go time!

    Tell us about your mechanic:

    I can't say enough good things about my mechanic.

    Minuro Kanamori is hands down the best Kawasaki guy on the planet.

    More than just mechanical help, he's been a good friend and an even better training partner. Along with Emi, those two whip me into shape and keep me pushing forward with a never give up attitude.

    Also, World Champ Shawn Quemada has been a big help when it comes to busting up some knuckles.

    Race Boat
    # 31 Kawasaki SXR 800.
    2009 set-up : wet pipe, mag pump, 3DR hood, stock carbs.

    Tell us about your team, vision and competition goals:

    Team ASAP Racing is just a group of friends that all ride together on Sundays in Long Beach, CA.

    Riders include:
    Charles & Anne Sims
    Matt Goldberg
    Ken Nagata
    Minuro and Emi Kanamori
    Brian Vogeli
    Rick Sowma
    Johnny Custom
    Lisa Messenger
    Lisa Price
    Josh Chipps
    Shawn Quemada
    Koji Ito
    Masashi Ito
    Mike Serlin
    Vince Colf and many more.

    Our vision is to be safe and have fun on the water every Sunday. Our goals are to ride circles around the competition and never give up!

    Sponsors, website links, products you use and supporters:

    Euphoria Body Works
    Joykiller Racing
    Pyro Images
    BCW Performance and KFactor Speedworks are all friends of mine that chip in big time.

    Safety advice you can share with others:

    Get a new helmet every year and make sure it fits. Get a back protector and never ride bouys without them. Your neck and head are fragile and do not heal quickly.

    Most important thing to bring to a race?

    Favorite Quote of your own:
    It's a tie between Pump the Jump!! and Grips to the Hips!!

    Thanks so much to all my friends out there in jet ski race land. You're my favorite thing about racing these thrillcraft!

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    Nice write up! I met Aaron out in the LBC and he is a super cool guy

    Chasing buoys in Long Beach with the cargo ship in the backround

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    Some of the LBC Sunday regulars

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