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    maint light came on?

    what does this on it only came on when i stuck key in and then a few seconds later went away?

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    if it goes away after a few seconds it is just a dummy light, to remind you that 50 hr, 75 hr, 100 hr maintenance is due. if it stays on after initial startup for more than a few seconds, it is a warning that something isnt right, and you should go to dealer to have them run a diagnostic.
    unfortunately if its just the dummy light, you cant reset it, just learn to deal with it until your next required dealer visit.
    some models flashed at all kinds of weird intervals, thankfully lately , 2007 2008 etc, they stopped putting in so many maint. interval warnings.

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    Yea for people who change their own oil it sucks cause we still have to go to the dealer to get it reset. its a pain. first time my light came on i was praying something wasn't wrong

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    In BRP eyes eyes, praying = $paying... Ron

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