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    Tried a search and didnt come up with much. Had the jet ski out today and leaving the ramp i heard something get sucked into the grate. After that there is a vibration, it still runs and pulls hard but there is a vibration. No light came on or codes were thrown. This happened once before with seaweed but it blew it out once i ran it. I ran it today for 20 minutes after but its still vibrating. I got under the ski and looked in the grate and everything looks perfect no foreign objects. What could be causing this? Did i bend the shaft?

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    I would guess and say you either bent the shaft or the impeller; probably one of the impeller blades would be my first guess. The easiest way to check would be to pull the steering nozzle and the jet nozzle off and start it up. You should be able to tell if one of the blades is out alignment with it idling. If it is you will have to pull the jet pump off and pull the impeller and get it re-balanced.

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    I got this kind of problem, you probably have something jammed between the propeler and the tube around it. For me, it was a little piece of wood around 2 inches long. It was jammed between the propeler and the tube. At idle speed, it goes well, but when you accelerate, nothing append and there's a lot of vibration.

    To find the piece of wood, I checked under the PWC with a flashlight.

    Good luck

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    Hopefully you didn't bend up anything. Usually if you did a seal isn't far behind. (leak)
    The impeller is longer than it appears and sometimes you need to pull it all off to be able to reach into it and feel. I have a friend that sucked rocks up his SeaDoo and in order to get them all we had to take off the nozzle and intake grate. Some were actually stuck between the impeller blades that were not visible. Good luck and let us know what you find.

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