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    2005 SHO Vx-1100 Loss of power

    Anyone have any info with regards to loss of RPM and loss
    of speed.

    The ski usually does 10,500 rpms, and will do about 58-63 mph on
    the water.

    It now will only do 45 and just does not respond with full throttle, from sitting still, to when cruising. only goes to 8500 rpm?

    If anyone has any ideas let me know...took to shop--all computers
    say there is nothing wrong. I changed spark plugs, they changed spark plugs..They did compression check=was good.. ??? They could not find anything wrong with it.

    Anyone experience this?

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    that dar one of dem new 4 strokes.....haha sorry this is the old school selection where its older skis all 2 strokes. This will be moved to to proper forum soon

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