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    99 XL1200 #3 cylinder trashed

    I have the head off the cylinders and now need to remove the #3 cylinder and piston can someone point me to some step by step instructions...Please

    I was also wondering how much damage is acceptable on the heads???

    I have some more info and pics posted in the General Discussion thread as well...under 99 XLT stalls and takes a while to start.

    Thanks Joe

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    see my thread called 3rd cylinder.
    first question is what caused problem. mine was loss of oil line.
    Its not as difficult as it sounds to replace cylinder. take the 4 bolts off the bottom of the cylinder and you must also losen the exhaust manifold a little as there are alignment pins that will catch on the cylinder (thanks osidebill). post pictures of piston and let the experts on here diagnose your piston/cylinder. they are very (very) good!

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