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    Exclamation 95 Wave Venture 701

    After it has sat for a day, I have to pour gas into the carbs before it will start. Once started it will not stay running if allowed to idle. Noticed pump diaphragm's leaking out indicator hole on carburator plates so I replaced. Went to the water, started right up then immediately bogged down. Changed plugs then it took off for about 10 seconds then bogged again and stalled. Started up immediately, took off bogging down then after a couple of seconds took off running, bogged again and so on.

    Frustrated, went home flushed and put up. Went to restart and would not. Great spark and plenty of fuel (hot battery also 12+ volts). Once again, can turn over all day but will not start until I pour fuel into carbs.
    Any suggestions? Pumps, check valves, etc? Fuel filter is good.


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    Stop running it....and rebuild the carbs. 2 strokes don't like lean conditions...and it will only take a few runs like this and it's toasted my friend.

    Get them rebuilt, change fuel filter, clean tank and blow out lines...then give her a run.


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    Thanks a lot partner. That is what I will do. Pull the carbs, tank, and lines for an overhaul and clean. I agree that it has to be leak down or pluggage somewhere in the fuel delivery system. Thanks again. Let you know how it turns out.

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    don't forget to also get

    Needle and seats
    rebuild kits
    Carb to Manifold gasket
    Fuel filter


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    Thanks partner. I will include in my order.

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