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    2003 virage i


    I tried looking for the service manual but i dont see it available as of right now unless some of you know where to find it for my 2003 virage i. it's the 777cc motor in it i believe.

    Anyways, i figured i'd also ask my question to see if maybe someone knew.

    My ski only has about 70hrs on it, so its not used a lot and is in pretty good shape. A few days ago i went to run it and it wasnt starting. It cranks over but nothing happens.

    I did check and i have spark. So i then thought fuel. I have my fuel pump out, tested it, it works. So i was curious if it could be a crank sensor that has failed or something electronic. First question is does anybody know the ohms reading for the crank sensor??

    When i have everything back in and test the start button, it seems like im not getting a ground which would in turn not turn any of the electronics on which could certainly be why its not fueling. I then tested the ground wire all the way back to the computer and it works. So somewhere in the process of pushing the start button it kills it as if something else isnt working to power it or if i possibly have a computer in it that is going bad.

    Sorry if im not making much sense just feel free to ask whatever is needed to clear it up and i'll get back.

    thanks guys =]

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    check your compression. are you get gas into the carbs?that's all i got i don't work on these just the Fuji motors.

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