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    Need help on 93 SL 750

    i recently bought a 93 sl750 project ski. the engine, wires and all hoses were apart and scatterd, along with a box full of bolts. i replaced the engine parts that it needed and now i have the engine back in the ski. now i am very confused on where some of the fuel/water lines go and how the wires go. i do have a service manual but it only helps so much. i was wondering if i could get pictures of another ski that is assembled so i can see how things go. also if anyone has any pointers on this model it would be helpful. thanks, Joe

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    This site should give you helpful diagrams.

    don't drop anything. If you do, try a magnet to fish it out.
    use a stubby 12mm wrench for the carb nuts.
    Get a newer style (94 and up) jet pump. It will bolt right up, and give better performance, not to mention more replacement parts choices.

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