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    2001 virage 700 accelerator pump not working

    2001 virage 700 single carb with accel pump. Working on this ski for a guy.

    Ok rebuilt carbs with kit. ski starts fine but accel pump not working,
    ordered rebuild kit for that.. cleaned check valves both of them one in jetblock one in brass nozzle.
    It will not pump.. unless you push really hard.. on the shaft.

    Does the cam wear down? it doesnt look like it is.. but why else wont this work..

    who might have a jetblock or new accelerator nozzle. Does this same nozzle fit the mikuni's?

    Or do I convert this thing to a mikuni 38 or ? or can it.

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    so i ended up taking the accel nozzle apart, I did not know it came apart but it does.! and after doing that and putting carb back on and starting and pushing hard on the shaft to PRIME IT it now squirts fine.

    thanks for those that i contacted even though it was not in this thread
    Moral of this is... this jetblock is discontinued.. so only available from used parts.

    see ya.. guy should be happy with his ski now

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